Difference: Visu Map (r10 vs. r9)

Visu Map

Visu Map is a visualization centric analysis software to help people to understand high dimensional
non-linear data (multivariate data). Visu Map provides the following three groups of services:

Data Mapping Services:

  • Relational Perspective Map (RPM)
  • Multidimensional Scaling (Sammon Map)
  • Curvilinear Component Analysis (CCA)
  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA) with CPU specific optimization.
  • MDS by SMACOF Algorithm
  • Correspondence Analysis
  • SNE Mapping Algorithm
  • Kernel PCA

Clustering Services:

  • Self-Organizing Map (Kohonen Net)
  • K-Mean Clustering
  • Metric Sampling
  • Agglomerative/Hierachical Clustering
  • Affinity Propagation Clustering
  • Self-Organizing Graph (SOG)

Dynamically Linked Data Views:

  • Bar Charts
  • Shepard Diagram
  • Curve Chart
  • Spectrum View
  • 3D Animation (with hardware based acceleration)
  • Atlas panel
  • Etc..
  • Gardening Tools

Free evaluation download available.

Software Form edit
NameVisu Map
Brief Summary Visual analysis software for high dimensional data
License Type Commercial Licence
Data Mining ApproachesClassification Discovery, Cluster Discovery, Association Discovery, Text Mining, Outlier Discovery, Data Visualisation, Discovery Visualisation, Sequence Analysis
Currently Available Currently Available

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