How To Add and Edit Pages on The Data Mine

If you've used a Wiki system before, you'll be able to dive straight in and edit pages right away - you can find details of the formatting commands at the bottom of each edit page. Practice by creating your own "sandbox" topic at Sandbox.

If you're new to Wiki or TWiki, follow the instructions below and you'll be creating new content in about 3 minutes time smile


In order to add to the site you need to register. Don't worry it doesn't take a degree or a lot of time. Once you've registered, follow the link back to this page.

Adding a new page

Each page deals with one subject. There are three main ways to add a new page:
  1. Click on one of the yellow links followed by a questionmark in an existing page. You will then start editing a new page.
  2. Enter the name of the new page as a Wiki Word in the "go" box at the top of each page. If the page doesn't already exist, you'll be able to click on "create" to make a new page with the name you entered. Remember to use a Wiki Word as the name - at least two words run-together, with capitals at the start.
  3. Use one of the forms, such as that to add new software. The Wiki Word name for the page will be calculated automatically for you .

Editing an existing page

  1. Use the "edit" link at the bottom of any page. The text version of the current page will appear for you to edit. If you change your mind and decide not to edit then click "cancel", otherwise, when you're ready click Preview to check your edits, use your browser's "back" button to if you notice things in the preview you want to change, and finally click "Save" to commit your changes.

How to do headings, bullet list, bold etc.

TWiki markup is designed to be simple. Personally I get away with only using a couple of the things shown below - headings, bullet lists and bold smile

Formatting help:
  • bold put word/phrase in asterisks: *your phrase*
  • bullet list 3 spaces, asterisk, 1 space:    * your text
  • headings 3 dashes, 1 to 6 pluses, 1 space: ---++ Your Heading
  • italic put word/phrase in underscores: _your words_
  • site links use topic name: WebHome or [[WebHome][Our homepage]]
  • external links or [[][link to Yahoo]]
  • monospaced put word/phrase in equal signs: =your words=
  • paragraphs separate with blank line
  • More formatting help and hints on good style

Where to Practice

Practice by editing or adding pages in the Sandbox test area.
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