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Sphinx Vision is a high performing tool for data mining using the latest algorithms. Its special value is the interactive way to handle large amounts of data. The analyst does not to handle large rows and endless columns of numbers. He rather acts as a pilot in a data landscape, navigating in a intuitive way. The power of Sphinx Vision together with the experienced user sets up a expert system on the fly, just out of the actual data.

Sphinx Vision's algorithms are based on meta-nets of diffusive neural nets. The results of the learning process are accessible via the "data-agent technique". The visualisation module provides the capability to show true 8 dimensions not just as 8 different colors of a bar chart.

Sphinx Vision is the tool to conduct highly complex association analysis even if you dont have been trained as a statistician. Last but not least sphinxvision is also incorporated into a data warehousing concept. NCO offers the complete services related to data mining.


Mr. Gerd Schlieker

Sales Director


Office Heidelberg

Gaisbergstrasse 2

Germany - 69115 Heidelberg

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