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I am looking to develop some software to use in healthcare, specifically weight management. Participants in a weight management programme will need to have data entered by at least 3 sources, with different data (and in some cases similar data) being entered by the participant, the provider of online web acccess, and the health care attendant, at the time the data is gathered. Therefore the database will be continually analysed to look for the development of the best weight management programme by looking at what is working in the real world then refining it. For example, are the numbers of face to face contacts more effective than remote communication, and if so, how many is optimal? It is a bit like evolution I suppose, watching for the most successful method to evolve. Each person will be inputting data based on the same model of care but some, for example, will choose different diets, some will exercise in different ways, some will choose to communicate remotely in preference to face to face, some will attend frequently, others less so, even though the model is based on one set of rules. Participants will be able to see in real time which combination of options is working on the ground. This is in contrast to the conventional way of doing things in the health care field by randomised control trials. As more people enter the bottom end of the timeline, so the conclusions will become more reliable, there need not be a beginning and end to this.

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